5th Annual Border Battle WAM vs. WWF 

April 13, 2018 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Cost is $15 (paid upon arrival) 

Best Dam Fishing Float on the Mississippi River, LaCrosse, WI



This will be the 5th Annual Border Battle between WAM and WWF. The battle will take place on the Best Dam Fishing Float. It is an opportunity for both groups to make new friends, learn new fishing techniques and have a friendly competition.

Here are some helpful hints for the first time fisherwomen. Because it is bordering waters you can use either a MN or WI fishing license. There is a flag pole on shore to let the barge know that you need a ride out. When they see the flag they will come across and give you a ride out. There is a caf├ę on the barge, however you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. Bring your own chair, fishing pole, tackle and bait. This event is handicap accessible. Anglers are encouraged to use proper fish handling techniques and are asked to consider catch and release with the large females full of eggs. WI fish consumption advisory is on meal per week of Pike and Walleye from this area for women over 50, and one meal per month for women under age 50.

This year the team captains will be as follows.  Katie Stockton and Angie Fasbender will represent team MN and Melissa LeBeau will represent team WI.  We will be looking for 6 volunteers from each side to take 1 hour shifts. That person will be in charge of measuring and recording the opposite teams catch. At 3:00 exactly, the 2 team captains will collect the forms and tally up the sheets.

Our categories will be as follows:    



Northern Pike

The cost to get in on the fishing float is $15. If you would like to join the fishing contest it is three dollars to enter the categories of biggest Perch, Walleye and Pike. It will be a 100 percent payout.  Women Anglers of Minnesota will also be awarding a $50.00 gift card to the largest overall fish recorded.

The Border Battle Trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest combined inches. You will need fish from two categories to qualify .Only your top 5 fish will be included in the tally. Only ONE fishing pole may be used.

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