Volunteers are the lifeblood of WAM. We would not have any kind of community presence if it weren’t for our willing volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, this page lists a variety of opportunites that are available. For further information, email firewater338@aol.com.

Events for Children
Working at community events that include children is one of the most fun volunteer activities you can participate in. Examples include Buffalo Days in Buffalo, MN, etc.

Events for ChildrenGenerally, you will:
• Help kids learn to bait a hook or cast a line. Sometimes you’ll help them learn how to take a fish off
the hook.
• Play mock fishing games at indoor events.
• Distribute rod and reel combos, mini-tackle boxes, or other fishing related prizes.
• Distribute educational literature about the environment and responsible fishing practices.
• Participate in any way that helps youth discover the fun of fishing or develop new skills.

Staffing an Information Booth
Information BoothAn information booth may be at a community fair, a business or community event, or a sports show. This is a prime opportunity to meet a wide variety of people who may be interested in joining WAM or who would like to learn about fishing.

Staffing a booth or table is one of the ways we can partner with other non-profit, environmental, or sponsoring organizations. Through this kind of outreach, we extend our mission beyond what we could do by ourselves.

Generally, you will:
• Distribute information about WAM.
• Distribute educational materials about fishing and/or environmental issues.
• Meet and greet people who are curious about WAM or the sport of fishing.
• Answer questions, network, and represent WAM.

Helping at the Tournament
We have a formal Tournament Committee, which is open to any member. You might also become an informal volunteer who helps out during the tournament.

Helping at the TournamentGenerally, the Tournament Committee:
• Meets regularly for several months prior to the tournament to make decisions and complete tasks
related to the tournament.
• Helps secure sponsors, raffle prizes, door prizes, and items for participant “goodie bags.”
• Helps distribute posters and other tournament related literature.
• Other tasks as appropriate.

If being on the tournament committee is too great a commitment, but you would still like to help out at the tournament, you can be a Tournament Volunteer.

Generally, a Tournament Volunteer:
• Staffs raffle tables or sales tables for fundraising.
• Helps set up and take down tables, chairs, tents, and so forth.
• Runs errands as necessary before or after the tournament.
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Committee Work
In addition to the Tournament Committee, WAM has other committees for specific events. Such committees can be created for any event, and can be formed easily by making a motion during a meeting for the formation of the committee. Or you can contact the President with your idea for a special committee.

Often, the committee reports to the appropriate Board of Directors member, who will assure that the activities of the committee are represented at Board meetings. That Board member will also make sure that committee members are made aware of any Board activity or decisions that affect the work they do.
Usual Committees and the tasks they perform include the following.

Tournament Committee:
• Please see the previous section on Helping at the Tournament.

Social Committee:
• The Social Director may form a committee for standing events such as the holiday party or for other
social events or needs.
• This committee forms and reforms based on events and needs for those events. Tasks vary
depending on the event.


New Member Orientation Committee:
• Meet from time to time to plan special participation at WAM events.
• Act as a New Member Buddy to answer questions.
• Meet with new members at WAM events and meetings.
• Bring new member issues to the Membership Director.




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