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Meet the Board
The Executive Officers and Board of Directors are the decision making body of WAM. They meet regularly to discuss the details of events; conduct the business of WAM; decide where to direct the educational, informational, and fundraising efforts; and present ideas to the membership for vote. Any member is eligible to run for office.

The Board of Directors hold their offices for one calendar year. The duties and activities of each officer may vary somewhat depending on her skills and interests as well as the needs of WAM.


Julie Lane, President
Duties include: • Provide general management of the business of WAM. • Represent WAM as appropriate. • Preside at Membership and Board meetings and provide an agenda for each. • Write articles for the newsletter.
Kristen Merwin, Vice President
Duties include: • Preside over meetings if necessary. • Act as and perform the many duties of Tournament Director and Chair of the Tournament Committee. • Write articles for the newsletter.
Emily Schnick , Secretary
Duties include: • Take minutes at both Membership and Board meetings and publish those minutes. • Keep copies of important documents. • Contact meeting sites to reserve space for Membership and Board meetings. • Write articles for the newsletter. • Write correspondence as needed. • Create other written materials as appropriate.
Carlie Carow , Treasurer
Duties include: • Keep the accounting books and provide general financial reporting and management. • Provide accounts information to the Board and to membership. • Receive and disburse funds. • Write articles for the newsletter.
Beth Stepanek, Membership Dir.
Duties include: • Track membership statistics. • Distribute membership directory and other new member materials. • Keep membership list up to date, create and distribute mailing labels as necessary. • Track tournament participation. • Welcome new members and participate in the New Member Orientation committee. • Write articles for the newsletter.

Corrine Centra

, Fundraising Dir.

Duties include: • Organize fundraising events and activities throughout the year. Manage sales of promotional items and track the inventory and funds received. • Organize and manage the annual fundraising raffle, complying with MN gaming regulations. • Write articles for the newsletter.
Deb Samuelson, Social Dir.
Duties include: • Greet members at meetings. • Organize annual holiday party and other social events. • Organize participation in community events. • Write articles for the newsletter.
Julie Stace, Publicity Dir.
Duties include: • Inform media of WAM events and activities. • Organize other publicity (posters, invitations, etc.). • Manage the website. • Write articles for the newsletter.

Evonne Vaplon, Jean Beisner

, Trip Dir.

Duties include: • Plan and organize spring, fall, and winter trips, including collection of fees from participants and payment to vendors. • Provide trip information to participants. • Write articles for the newsletter.


Diane Westphal, Program Dir.


Duties include: • Collaborate with Social Director(s) for WAM events, and assure members are informed of social and other events. • Compile historical records and accounts of current and past WAM events. • Write articles for the newsletter.

Britane Peterson

Newsletter Dir/Editor

Duties include: • Collect articles and edit the layout of the newsletter. • Manage the printing and mailing of the newsletter to members. • Provide a copy of the newsletter to the website. • Write articles for the newsletter.




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